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E-Cigarette Starter Kits

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 Why E-Cigarettes & E-Liquid?   

      Your decision of whether or not to buy E-Cigs should be based on first having a good understanding of what these devices and their associated E-liquid Supplies actually have to offer. The E-cigarettes or E-Cigs are a tobacco free cigarette-like device, an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes and E-Cigs allow you to "smoke" or "vape" using a lithium battery-powered device that contains different levels of nicotine within different flavors of nicotine liquid, otherwise known as e-liquid or e-juice.With the E-cigarette or E-cig there is no tobacco or actual smoke involved (it's water vapor!) and no second hand smoke danger to those around you, making electronic cigarettes with nicotine liquid an ideal alternative to tobacco products.


 The Tobacco Free Cigarette Alternative!

     E-Cigarettes or smokeless cigarettes enable you to continue to smoke without the same harmful effects of smoking tobacco. It is NOT intended to be a nicotine replacement therapy. It is designed for those that have no intention to quit, for those that have tried to quit and found it too hard and for those that enjoy the sensation of smoking but wish to avoid the harmful effects of tobacco. We currently carry different models of the electric cigarette as well as a large assortment of E-Liquid Brands and Flavors.   A Personal Charging Case is an accessory sold separately, and is recomended as a great accessory to have available.  It can easily be used to help keep your e-cig fully charged all day long while you are away from home. Be sure to visit our smokers guide forum  as well!

Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes
smokeless ecigs

    No tobacco and No tar
    You can have whiter teeth.    Smoke free with no lingering odor
    Saves money - Cheaper than smoking tobacco cigarettes
    Vaping replicates smoking experience - Satisfies cravings
    Use Anytime and almost Anywhere!
    Choose your flavor and strength
    Make your family like you better:)

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  1. Joye 510-T (Tank)

    Joye 510-T (Tank) *Joye 510 Next Generation* w/Manual Batteries


    Our New Joye 510-Tank feed system with manual battery, by Joye Technologies, is the 2nd generation of our most popular Joye 510 e-cig system.

    AUTO FEED SYSTEM: Technology that is used from the Joye Ego-T is used, so you don't need to worry about the polyfill going bad. This allows you to vape strait E-liquid.

    MANUAL BATTERY: Joye 510-T manual battery produces more vapor because it heats up the liquid more efficiently.  It also has an on/off button for your convience to help prevent accidentally activating your e-cigarette without knowing.

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